Buying Guide

Here we guide you through buying from the UK’s number one trade destination for florists, with the most extensive range of flowers, foliage, plants and sundries under one roof.

Look and see

We have 21 fantastic wholesalers to choose from all under one roof. Take the time to look around and see who sells what and how they differ.

Ask questions

Our wholesalers have oodels of knowledge and expertise ready for you to tap into. Don’t be afraid to ask, they’re always happy to help.


This is a wholesale market, so sales are in wraps, trays, boxes and not by the stem.


Prices are not marked up as they fluctuate according to supply and demand. If you are comparing prices, consider the quality, variety, stem length and number of stems in a wrap. Ask the salesman for his best price, and don’t forget that volume commands better rates. Prices are quoted per stem and excluding VAT. There is no minimum purchase.


Cash is still king in the Flower Market, although many traders now accept credit cards and some accept cheques. Payment on account is for established clients only.


If you need help getting your purchases to your car, ask your salesman. He will arrange for a porter to assist you and will advise on the tipping charge, generally around £5.

Which day to visit

Every morning there are deliveries of fresh flowers, plants and foliage from around the world. British flowers come in on Mondays and Thursdays. We’re closed on Sundays.

Introductory tours

We offer free introductory tours of the market for businesses. We’ll show you how the market works and introduce you to the wholesalers we think are just right for you. To arrange a tour please simply fill in this form.

Hot drinks and butties

The essential fare of the Flower Market florist, hot drinks and delicious hot butties are to be found at the cafe. Now you just have to decide if you want red or brown sauce...!

Wholesale, trade market

The Flower Market is a wholesale, trade market and although anyone can come into the market, we recommend that the general public visit their local florist rather than visiting the market to buy. If you're really set on visiting yourself, please come down after 8.30am when most of our trade customers will have finished their buying.