Our Wholesalers

New Covent Garden Flower Market is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your floristry needs – flowers, foliage, plants and sundries under one massive roof!

21 expert wholesalers with decades of industry knowledge and expertise are on hand to advise and support you.

Flowers from all four corners of the globe.


We have traders of cut flowers at the Flower Market offering flowers from all four corners of the globe.

Our traders manage extensive networks of suppliers in Britain and overseas to bring you the best flowers from around the world. You can see the value of this strategy in the sheer range and quality on offer on their stands.

Here you will find varieties you never realised existed in shades to suit any scheme. Our traders can track down unusual orders, such as peonies in November from New Zealand, for the client who will not take 'out of season' as an answer!

New Covent Garden Market Flower Wholesalers
New Covent Garden Market Foliage Wholesalers

This is not just foliage. This is Flower Market foliage!


Foliage is arguably one of the greatest strengths of the Flower Market. What the two foliage specialists - GB Foliage and Porters Foliage - offer is a complete revelation.

Banish any thought of foliage as ‘fillers’, for here foliage means a lot more. The changing seasons are reflected most dramatically with these wholesalers, as the fresh colours of spring give way to the rich greens of summer and then to the rich reds and browns of autumn.

GB Foliage and Porters Foliage are the place to go for seasonal foliage from Britain and mainland Europe - from flowering shrubs and trees in leaf, blossom or berry. Porters’ stand also offers spectacular, fascinating foliages from South America, Australasia and parts of Africa, all kept in peak condition in four different climatic zones.

A must-see for any self-respecting florist!

The Flower Market is a treasure trove for any designer, stylist, florist, event decorator or flower arranger.


With three traders specialising in essential floral sundries there is not a design of floral foam, florists’ wire, ribbon, basket, scissor, pin or wrap that you will not find here.

This is the place for floristry glue, plastic trays and bowls, floristry books and magazines, tape and watering cans, beads, bouquet holders, floral bracelets - the list is endless!

And then, in the corner of the Flower Market, is the showroom of C Best. With 20,000 product lines stocked in volume, they offer the best range of decorative materials this side of the Channel, a price match guarantee and nationwide delivery.

New Covent Garden Market Sundries Wholesalers
New Covent Garden Market Plant Wholesalers

Today, the Flower Market boasts six plant specialists, catering for your every conceivable live plant need.


From British-grown orchids and seasonal bedding plants to houseplants, plants for office contracts, retail sales, interior landscaping and events, seasonal window boxes and garden planters, the Flower Market’s plant wholesalers have the green answer.

Flower Market traders offer a comprehensive range of plants from British, Dutch, Danish and Italian nurseries in pot sizes from 1L seasonal lines to 50L mature specimens.

As a rule, you buy seasonal potted plants by the tray and larger specimens individually. Feel free to ask the traders for plant care information and seasonal availability.