Easter Opening Times

10/04/2017 - 09:23

The opening times for both the Flower Market and the Fruit & Vegetable Buyers' Walk over Easter are as follows:

Easter Opening Times
Day Open/Closed
Friday 14 April (Good Friday) Open
Saturday 15 April Open
Sunday 16 April Closed as usual / Sunday Market Open
Monday 17 April (Easter Monday) Both Markets Closed
Tuesday 18 April Open as usual

Please check with your individual wholesaler(s) as their opening hours may differ.

The Main Entrance will remain open on Monday 17 April, so you may still access the market throughout the day.

If you have any questions please call us on 020 7720 2211 or email hello@cgma.co.uk.

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Can you let me know if you

Can you let me know if you need a trade card to come to the market - I am a newbie to the world of florists am only small at the moment but need some guidance with regards to flower markets


Hi Julie Although we’re a

Hi Julie
Although we’re a wholesale Flower Market, you don’t need a trade card to buy from us. If you’re a new florist to the market and would like some guidance as to how it works, why not book a place on one of our introductory tours? You can find them here: http://www.newcoventgardenmarket.com/book-introductory-tour

Hello I'm just wondering if


I'm just wondering if the fruit and veg market would be open on Monday 1st May? (the next bank holiday)
I'm working on a television show and we are setting up for filming on the Monday 1st and I need a large amount of fruit and veg delivered. I'm struggling as it's a bank holiday and wondered if the market isn't open if you might have any suggestions?



Hi Claire I'm afraid our

Hi Claire
I'm afraid our wholesalers don't usually open on bank holidays apart from Good Friday. If you get in touch with the wholesalers directly though, it might be possible for you to collect a pre-order as you're arranging so far in advance. I'll pop you an email now with some contact details :)