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Albartross builds nest in Food Exchange

Albartross builds nest in Food Exchange

19 Feb, 2022

Albartross builds nest in Food Exchange

There are plenty of keen (and very good) golfers in the Market, but did you know that if you work here, the fastest growing British premium golf shoe brand in the world is at most a booming drive away from you?  

Royal Albartross has its HQ right here, in the Food Exchange. Founder and Head Designer Alex Bartholomew launched the company in 2012 and she remains involved in every step of the brand’s creative direction and the product development process. “Our HQ is here, but we trade all over the world from our own website ‘’,” said Alex. “Our biggest market currently is in fact the US, where our shoes are also available in the leading golf and country clubs. 

“Great design and comfort are central to our success as is our insistence on high quality. That is why we only use the best materials, and our shoes are handcrafted in Italy and Portugal. We are specialists in creating beautiful footwear that can be used both on and off the golf course.” 

Royal Albartross selects from the most skilled artisans across Europe, choosing to work with talented Italian and Portuguese craftsmen who use manufacturing techniques passed down from generation to generation. Its factories are family-run businesses. 

“Royal Albartross is not defined by quick trends or mass consumerism,” Alex added. “Our styles are founded in the classic aesthetics of the finest game in the world, they're slower to change, built to last and hold their value.”  

Go to to find out more and sign up for their email newsletter to receive 10% off your first order.

Tommy Leighton
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