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Flower Market

Flower Market


We have 20 amazing wholesalers, all equipped to save you time, energy and hassle.

Get all your wholesale flowers, foliage, plants and sundries under one roof. Let us find you exactly what you need to make your customers happy, so you can focus on what you do best – being an awesome florist.
Supporting London’s great florists

We supply three-quarters of London’s florists.

From royal florists to wedding designers, contract florists, retailers and market stall traders, everyone in the flower business is in love with New Covent Garden Market. We love you too - come down and be a part of something really special.
Floral community

Buy from Great Britain’s largest and best Flower Market and become part of a vibrant and interactive floral community.

Connect and make friends with your floristry peers, share tips and experiences and learn from each other. There really is no place quite like it.
Generations of expertise

All the skills, craft and knowledge our traders possess have been passed down through the generations.

We’re like a walking, talking, trading search engine for flowers – but unlike the online option, we come with that personal touch of charm and character!
Buy in glorious technicolour

When you walk into the market, you’ll be hit by a sensory overload.

Our floral paradise dials up the colours and pumps out the scents. Let's face it, you just can’t get that joy and satisfaction from a screen, sitting at your desk; let alone the experience and expertise that being at the heart of the latest trends gives to your business.
Have a lie in

We know everyone has different needs and several of our wholesalers will also deliver straight to your door.

We do recommend that you visit the Market as regularly as you can, but our wholesalers can also do the early-morning legwork, so you can hit the snooze button! 
Be the first

It’s way more fun to set trends than follow them and our wholesalers hunt the world to find the new things that no-one else has got.

One day, it will be on everyone’s Instagram, but for now, you got it first and it’s only on yours, you #trendsetter you!
Come on down

Visit the Flower Market.

Opening hours may vary, so please call your supplier before visiting to confirm if they will be open.
Opening times
Monday to Friday
4am — 10am
4am — 9am
  • “Buying at market is quite an easy way to make a difference. You have the pick of the world here. You can never be stale if you buy in the Flower Market.”
    Simon Lycett
  • “I like to see what I am getting before I buy. I like to see the quality, and I like to pick the trader’s brains.”
    Mark Upton
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