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Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Our fresh produce

Every night, our market fills up with seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from all corners of the globe.

To delight your customers, you need great products and our wholesale traders work with select growers around the world to provide a diverse and unmatchable range of premium fresh produce. 
Discover the world

You want your customers to taste the Indian sun in every bite of mango and see the gorgeous sunset reds of a Sicilian blood orange.

You want them to enjoy the experience of lesser-known lines like kaffir limes, coral fungus or Rosa di Friuli. Our traders can provide you with virtually any fruit or vegetable, provided it's in season somewhere.
Our customers

We’re proud that so many leading retail and catering businesses choose to buy their fresh produce from NCGM.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to family-run cafés,  market stalls, to secondary wholesalers, schools, prisons and hospitals to food businesses and corporate clients across the South East, customers love New Covent Garden Market.
At your service

You can buy from us in whatever way best suits your own business.

Walk our world-renowned buyers walk, meet the traders and select your own fruit and veg, or have our experienced and passionate professionals cherry-pick the best fresh produce on the Market for you and deliver it direct to your door.
Seasonal sourcing

All of the product we sell is seasonal and sustainably grown.

It may be super important to you to be hyper-local. You may want to buy British and support this country’s growers. Or you may just want to have the finest selection of seasonal produce in the world on your doorstep. Whatever you're after, you'll find it here.
Download Seasonal Calendar
At your service

Our wholesalers pride themselves on having the first of the season and making it available to you before everyone else.

Our world-class wholesalers have global connections and an ultra-efficient supply chain model that ensures your business can stay ahead of the curve, by having products your competitors simply don’t have access to. What's more, by working with us, you'll tap into premium quality fresh products that taste better and last longer.
For a flavour of what you'll find in the Market this month, see the gallery below.
Sustainability matters

Your customers care more than ever about where their food is coming from and the impact it has on the environment.

With our fully traceable products, Red Tractor and BRC certified wholesalers and zero-waste-to-landfill promise, we provide you with the provenance and sustainability messages to ensure those customers get what they want. 
  • "We have so much trust in the market and the quality of the product we buy there and we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”
    Sean Coughlan
    Coughlans Bakery
  • "All our fruit and veg comes from New Covent Garden Market. The produce has always been great.”
    Naomi Twigden
    Lunch Bxd
  • "To start with we came to the market for a better deal and that just opened lots of new doors for us with fresh produce.”
    Jeremy Redgewell
    Eden Caterers
  • “The governors of the firms and the salesmen I trade with every week are hard-nosed businessmen, but deep down, every one of them genuinely has a heart of gold.”
    Darren Cox
    Coxy the Vegman
  • “New Covent Garden gives me the capacity to provide a huge variety of quality fresh produce to my customers.”
    David Jackson
    Staines Farm Shop
  • “I love the mix of generations. It makes for a really interesting environment.”
    Eric Lanlard
    Master Patissier, Cake Boy

Visit the Fruit
& Vegetable Market

Opening hours may vary for each of our traders, so please call your supplier before visiting to confirm that they will be open.
Opening times
Monday to Friday
Midnight — 6am
Midnight — 5am
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