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Brand new look for MOMO Kombucha

Brand new look for MOMO Kombucha

11 May, 2023

Brand new look for MOMO Kombucha

Railway-arch tenant MOMO Kombucha has a fresh new MOMO Kombucha | B Corp™ look.

If you drink the firm’s kombucha, brewed in the Market, then you might have already spotted the new logo on the limited-edition bottles of rhubarb kombucha MOMO launched in February, and now it is rolling the brand out across the entire business. The rhubarb kombucha is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word, as MOMO joined forces with Natoora and Robert Tomlinson, a fourth generation forced rhubarb farmer based in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. 

“We were so excited to launch this hyper-seasonal limited edition,” said MOMO’s co-founder Josh Puddle. “It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and totally delicious – kombucha and rhubarb are the perfect combination.

“[My wife] Lisa and I had the pleasure of visiting Robert earlier this year, learning about the process of forcing rhubarb and picking our own in the low-ceilinged sheds. This visit was one of our absolute highlights since starting MOMO,” added Josh. “Our team, with some support from our neighbours on the Market, juiced around 350kg of rhubarb. Special mention to our head brewer Matt for trialling so many different recipes, resulting in us brewing a more delicate kombucha using only green tea to bring out the complexity of the rhubarb.”

Natoora and MOMO are natural partners, Josh explained. Twenty pence from each bottle sold will be donated to Natoora’s Farm Fund, which supports young farmers who are committed to agroecological methods and helps them get a foot on the farming ladder.

Not content with a new logo, MOMO has also redesigned its bottles. “We loved our rip cap lids, but so many people told us they wanted to be able to reseal the bottle, and we listened,” Josh said. “We’re also now sourcing our bottles from the UK and are pleased to be cutting down on food miles.”

Tommy Leighton
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