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City Harvest solidifies market presence

City Harvest solidifies market presence

7 May, 2024

City Harvest solidifies market presence

Following a successful three-month trial period, City Harvest will continue to operate at the market.

Dean Bernard, the charity’s Head of Operations, said the initiative has been a significant opportunity for City Harvest in terms of food rescue. “Since its conception in January, we have rescued and redistributed 79 tonnes of food over a three-month period, equating to 188,000 meals delivered to those most in need,” said Dean.

“This incredible collaboration would not have been possible without the tenacity of City Harvest’s phenomenal operations team with the support of the Covent Garden Market Authority team and the generosity of those market traders engaged in this project. Our relationships in the market grow daily; Richard and Mike are doing a tremendous job.”

Twenty-five per cent of people living in London are going without at least one meal a day, on a scale from there being enough food for everybody in a household to have three meals a day, down to households that cannot afford food at all.

City Harvest’s Chief Executive Sarah Calcutt said: “Working with the amazing, generous people at New Covent Garden Market, we are collecting 8-9 tonnes of fruit and vegetables a week. As well as delivering a much-needed service for London, this also saves traders in the market money. However premium its quality, with any product there comes a time when it becomes maybe a bit too tired to sell to high-end customers. There is a cost attached to wasting that product, even when it is being done in as ethical and sustainable a manner as is the case here.”

Above left to right: Mike Motl, City Harvest, Colin Corderoy and Jo Breare, CGMA, Dean Bernard, Sarah Calcutt and Richie Barker, all City Harvest


Tommy Leighton
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