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Fruit and Veg in Season for August

Fruit and Veg in Season for August

Market Report for August

Dry weather has made life difficult for UK growers but their harvests are still hitting Buyer's Walk.

Stone fruit and soft fruit are abundant. Here's some early greengages, which join first UK plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines and cherries.

Strawberries have been excellent this year. Gooseberries are all but over; red and blackcurrants taking their place.

Fantastic grapes from France and Italy including early Muscat (above) and Chasselas varieties. UK apples due late this month.

On the veg front, it's prime time for courgettes (and their flowers) and summer squashes. Here's some round French ...

These are UK patty pans from grower Bedlam Farms in Cambridgeshire.

These are the Italian zucca - ideal for risotto. Trombetta also available.

And, of course, the UK marrow.

You will find a fabulous range of tomatoes - all shapes, colours and sizes. Sweetcorn now full season. Excellent range of aubergines, too. Ever seen one of these? Also grown in the UK, these are wok cucumbers - bred to hold their shape in the heat of the pan. Spotted at wholesaler S Thorogood and Sons.

Another unusual cucumber variety is the Barattieri (below) from Italy - which is not far off from a melon in terms of texture and sweetness.

UK peas, broad beans and runner beans are all in season, plus some other Continental varieties such as Coco and Borlotti.

These are fine yellow beans from Italy.

August is also a month for Lautrec garlic with its lovely splash of pink. See you in September - start of UK apple season!

Thomas Moggach
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