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Fruit and Veg in Season for December

Fruit and Veg in Season for December

5 Dec, 2022

This is a whirlwind month for the traders at the Market. Fantastic winter produce is rushing through en route to restaurants and caterers across the capital.

It's an excellent month for British brassicas, such as these coloured cauliflowers grown by P.R.Bones in Kent. Others include kohl rabi, sprouts and their tops. Below are purple kalettes, a cross between kales and sprouts.

This is a month for roots of all kinds, including heritage carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, beets and some of the more speciality ingredients such as parsley root and chervil root. In the photo below, here are a few more - from left to right - crosnes (a.k.a Chinese artichokes), oca and Nasturtium root.

Below is an early blast of sunshine - blood oranges from Australia, which pop up for a month or so before the European crop next month. You will also find, from the Continent, leafy clementines, oranges and lemons, plus rarer lines such as bergamot and cedro.

Same applies to this forced rhubarb - a Dutch drop before the first batches from Yorkshire.

It's a great time for exotic fruits, such as lychees, mangoes, pomegranate. Quince are generally from Europe. UK-grown apples and pears are also terrific value at this time of year.

Below is agretti - now in season from the Veneto region of Italy. This is also a key area of production for the radicchios, such as Tardivo, rosa and Castelfranco.

December is also a decent month for artichokes - these are violet from France.

Chestnuts are abundant, along with top quality walnuts and hazelnuts.

Berries and currants include cranberries and redcurrants.

Winter tomatoes include Camone and Marinda from Italy, plus purple Raf from Spain.

It may be winter, but there is plenty to whet your appetite. See you in the New Year for the January Market Report.

Tommy Leighton
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