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Fruit and Veg in Season for January 2023

Fruit and Veg in Season for January 2023

3 Jan, 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Market Report for January 2023

It's a rainbow of citrus here at the Market. Seville oranges have now arrived for their short season.

Seville oranges

These join leafy oranges from southern Europe, blood oranges from Sicily and Spain and the variety 'Chocolate Orange' - which is on trend this year.

Other citrus includes clementines, bergamot, cedro, finger limes and kumquats.


Brassicas are on form, of course. Sprouts and their tops are not just for Christmas - new crops now available. All the kales are prime season. These are UK-grown Romanesco ...

Romanesco cauliflower

All roots are in fine fettle, including beetroot, carrots and niche lines such as chervil root, salsify and parsley root. This is some fabulous and fresh leafy celeriac spotted at wholesaler S Thorogood and Sons.

leafy celeriac

All types of radish are ready. Look out for Breakfast, Red Meat, Purple Meat and Watermelon.

Breakfast radish

For other salad crops, watch out for fennel, puntarelle and the radicchios such as Tardivo, Rosa and Castelfranco.

January is a good month for artichokes such as Purple Violet and Globe. Aubergines and squashes are also on hand.


There are even flashes of spring with imports of broad beans and peas from the far south of Italy.

broad beans

Winter tomatoes are an interesting choice in January - these are from Spain and imported by French Garden.

winter tomato

During the colder months, parsley is one of the most robust herbs.

Flat leaf parsley

English apples and pears are still eating beautifully out of the cold store.

Other recommended fruits include lychees, mangoes, quince and pomegranate.

Don't forget the humble chilli to spice up your plate. There are dozens of varieties available at the Market - such as these Habanero.


See you in February for our next Market Report. Not long now until the first Yorkshire forced rhubarb, a unique British product and one our very favourites!

Tommy Leighton
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