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Fruit and Veg in Season for July 2023

Fruit and Veg in Season for July 2023

4 Jul, 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Market Report for July 2023

With Wimbledon underway, it's all about the strawberries for the next few weeks. But don't forget the other homegrown berries now in season - including gooseberries, raspberries and blueberries.


English cherries are underway. Last month was the hottest on record - a challenge for growers, but it helps to boost the sugar levels in the fruit.

Kentish cherries

Cherries join other stone fruit from the Continent such as apricots, peaches (including flat 'donuts' pictured below) and nectarines. 'Blood' or red peaches and nectarines are ones to watch for - seriously on trend.

Flat peaches

Melons include Charentais and watermelons - both red and yellow fleshed. Italian green figs are a classy choice.


UK peas are available. Beans include runners, broad, Borlotti and Coco.

Yellow beans

Tomatoes are sensational in July. Wholesalers stock the fruit from leading English growers including Nutbourne, along with imports from Europe.

Expect the full range of courgettes - including round, yellow and flowers.

For brassicas, look out for UK-grown kohl rabi, broccoli, black cabbage and Hispi. A grower called Bedlam Farms in Cambridgeshire is also sending excellent baby and Globe artichokes. Chard is also in season.

UK salads are also in their prime right now, including watercress.

For wild mushrooms, the headline act this month will be Scottish girolles.

Note that the English asparagus season has now finished.

See you in August for our next Market Report.

Tommy Leighton
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