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Fruit and Veg in Season for June 2023

Fruit and Veg in Season for June 2023

2 Jun, 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Market Report for June 2023

Stone fruit is flowing into the Market this month. Cherries are typically Spanish, with the UK crop due in some weeks once the sunshine returns.


Other stone fruit includes peaches, nectarines and apricots. Melons including Charentais and Pied de Sapo have also started.


For British fruit, the berry season is about to begin. Strawberries are underway with currants and gooseberries to follow.


These are the speciality pink berry - typically grown in The Netherlands and Belgium.

pink berries

Typically, the UK asparagus season ends in late June. This year, the crop has suffered due to cold weather so it's harder to find the larger spears.


UK salads are in full flow. Jersey Royals - mids and ware grades - are available. Cornish new potatoes due soon.

For brassicas, UK-grown kale is on hand. Cabbages such as Savoy often from Spain and Portugal.

Homegrown peas will be ready any time now. It is also a good time for outdoor rhubarb.

outdoor rhubarb

At wholesaler P&I, they have recently expanded their range of exotics. You may see on display imports of jackfruit, banana leaf, snake fruit, rambutans and cacao pods.

cacao pods

From the Continent, there is a huge range of tomato varieties, artichokes, radish, wet garlic, borlotti, courgettes and flowers, cime di rapa, sweetcorn and Tropea onions.

Purple Tropea onions

Wild mushrooms include girolle and morels. See you in July for our next Market Report.

Tommy Leighton
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