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Fruit and Veg in Season for March 2023

Fruit and Veg in Season for March 2023

3 Mar, 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Market Report for March 2023

An exciting time on the Market with the shift into spring. March is the month of the first flashes of wild garlic, asparagus and Jersey Royals.

Wild garlic season starts with French before moving to the warmer corners of the UK - typically Cornwall.

Asparagus is currently all European - France and Spain. White, purple and green available.

Jersey Royals start off expensive, with crops from the glasshouses before moving to the open slopes of the island.

Peas and broad beans available from the Continent.

UK rhubarb is sliding from indoor to outdoor crops. Yorkshire forced still available.

UK veg includes most of the brassicas - cabbages such as January King and Savoy; kales; Roamesco; kohl rabi and more - although you may also find imports, too. Here's some gorgeous purple caulis.

Root crops are also still strong - everything from Jerusalem artichokes to oca and chervil root.

Artichokes are a good bet - including Thema and the large Mammole variety, sometimes sold in bouquets.

From Italy, it's a fine time for all the radicchios such as Tardivo, Grumolo, Rosa ... Other bitter leaves include cime di rapa and puntarella. Below is agretti - a.k.a. monk's beard.

Wet garlic is available. Tomatoes include winter varieties such as Camone and Sun Black.

The citrus season is slowly winding down. You will still find blood oranges on the Market but it is late season for fruits such as clementines.

Don't forget strawberries - lovely Gariguettes available from France at a price. Passe Crassane pears are sensational at this time of year. Grapes such as Moscatel are now from the Southern Hemisphere.

For wild mushrooms, there is a wide choice. Morels are Chinese right now. Ceps not readily available.

See you in April for our next Market Report.

Tommy Leighton
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