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Fruit and Veg in Season for November 2023

Fruit and Veg in Season for November 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Market Report for November 2023

November brings us the bright colours of citrus season, along with fantastic apples, pears, roots and brassicas.

It's peak season for UK apples and pears, with the majority of varieties now picked. On the Market, you will find a huge range including Cox, russet, Spartan, Comice, Conference etc.

Citrus season is underway - from the leafy clementine to more specialist lines such as bergamot, cedro and finger limes. The image below is of Italian bergamots, which are mainly used for their highly aromatic zest.

Kaki (a.k.a. persimmon) are an underrated fruit but growing in popularity here in the UK.


Pomegranates are in season.

Plenty of other fruit worth a shout such as Bursa black figs (below), melons (end of season), and grape varieties such as Muscat and Chasselas.

Bursa black figs

Do you recognise this gentleman? He is holding some of the many squash varieties on the Market. It's a Crown Prince on his head, btw.

Jason at wholesaler P and I

Here is the heavyweight Muscade de Provence.

Muscade de Provence squash

These are ornamental squashes - often used for display in restaurants.

Ornamental squashes

Brassicas include sprouts and their tops (below), kales, Romanesco, kohl rabi, cauliflowers and cabbages such as Savoy and January King.

This is an excellent time for roots of all kinds. Choose from the humble beetroot (classic, Crapaudine, golden, candied), radishes (Watermelon, mooli, Breakfast etc), turnips, chervil and parsley root, salsify and Jerusalem artichokes.

For leafy vegetables and salads, UK watercress is a good bet. From Italy, there is the puntarelle (below) and cime di rapa.


This is the start of the season for the radicchios, too: Castelfranco, Tardivo, Precoce and Rosa, which is often the last to arrive from the fields of Veneto region.

Tardivo radicchio

Nuts include chestnuts and walnuts. The latter is still fresh and milky rather than fully dried.


For wild mushrooms, it is a good time for girolles and ceps.

Ever seen an onion like this? Large, Italian and pink. Simply wonderful.

Large onion

See you in December for our festive Market Report.

Tommy Leighton
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