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'Highlighting the steps forward that we’ve all made'

'Highlighting the steps forward that we’ve all made'

In the third of three interviews celebrating International Women’s Day, we spoke with Liz Hurren, Customer Experience Manager at County Supplies Ltd, located on our famous Fruit and Vegetable Market.

This year’s theme says that ‘collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world’. Liz explains below why it's so encouraging to see so many more women joining the food and catering industries.

Liz Hurren County Supplies

Above: Liz Hurren, on Buyers' Walk in the Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
A: It’s all about celebrating women and highlighting the steps forward that we’ve all made. Women can now be CEOs of companies, have a career as well as a family. It is so valuable to remember how things have moved on in a relatively short time.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your career path?
A: I studied fashion design and textiles at university and went on to work for a fashion retail company, where I was able to travel the world doing a job that I loved. I started working at an early age, helping out on my Grandad's fruit and vegetable stall on a Saturday while still at school. My brother started his own fruit and vegetable wholesale business County Supplies which is based in NCGM back in 2005, an opportunity arose for me to join the business two years ago.

Q: What’s it like working at New Covent Garden Market, in what’s perceived to be a very male-dominated workplace?
A: It is true to say that the majority of the Fruit and Vegetable market is male dominated and the face of the market. But there are lots of women who work here across all areas of the market, from being office based to prep-facility departments.

Coming from working in a female-dominated industry to the market it did not put me off, as I have known the market all my life. It is a great place to work, everyone is extremely respectful and friendly. We are now seeing so many more women in the food and catering industry which is wonderful to see and will continue to grow with new generations to come.

Liz Hurren County Supplies 2

Above: Liz Hurren with her brothers, owners of County Supplies.

Q: Who is your female role model?
A: My Mum is my role model, a true inspiration in how to bring up four children while juggling life and work. I also think how wonderful Her Majesty the Queen is, she has been one of the world’s most high-profile women across so many generations, and resilient to a world that has changed around her. She is from a generation of women who lived through hard times such as World War II and the nation turns to The Queen when in need of guidance.

Q: How will you support International Women’s Day’s ‘Choose to Challenge’ theme this year?
A: I’m going to be celebrating the women who are in my life and who support me and my family. It’s good to see things are moving in the right direction and we’ve got to keep on making strides forward. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see progress over the years ahead. Having compassion for everyone in different situations is very important.

Find out more about fruit and vegetable wholesaler County Supplies here.

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