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Market the star in TV news broadcasts

Market the star in TV news broadcasts

10 Mar, 2022

Two ITN news teams broadcast from the Flower Market around Valentine’s Day.

The ITV Regional News and Weather filmed its interviews in the week running up to Valentine’s Day and well-known weatherwoman and journalist Sally Williams gave traders and customers the opportunity to give London viewers an insight into the prevailing state of the flower trade, particularly to explain the reasons why cut flowers were more expensive this year than last. The rest of a relatively light-hearted segment also shone a light on the Market and the most popular products being sold for the annual day of love on February 14th this year.

On Valentine’s Day itself, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, which has around 3.3 million viewers, filmed six weather segments from the Market, again highlighting the range of product available and painting the picture of the Market as central to the celebrations.

Additionally, Sky News was also in the Market in February to talk to tenants of both the Fruit and Vegetable Market and the Flower Market about the combined impact on trade of Brexit, the pandemic and rising fuel and energy prices. Sky News has an estimated viewership of 340,000.

Tommy Leighton
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