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It’s time to celebrate our love of British Food

It’s time to celebrate our love of British Food

New Covent Garden Market is an official partner of British Food Fortnight, which starts this Saturday, September 18th and runs through to October 3rd.

British Food Fortnight (BFF) is the largest annual national, food celebration organised by Love British Food, during the traditional time of harvest festival, and invites communities and organisations across the country to celebrate the diverse and delicious, high-quality food produced by British growers and manufacturers.

This year is the 20th BFF – it was first held in response to the Foot and Mouth crisis and the impact it had on British farming. The aim throughout the years has always been to boost domestic consumption of British food and, in doing so, to create a robust home market that gives farmers and producers the confidence to continue to farm and produce quality food.

The list of supporters, which includes in its number NCGM, is wide and varied – from schools, hospitals and care homes, to restaurants, hotels and independent retailers.

This year has seen many, many more organisations sign up to celebrate, says Love British Food founder Alexia Robinson. “There has never been a more important time for us to focus on British soils for stability in our food supply. British Food Fortnight is a proven strategy for promotion in putting British food first, across both the public and private sectors,” she adds.

“With the British public’s appetite for British food and drink growing all the time, we’re expecting interest in this year’s event to hit record highs. We’ve been inundated with requests from international organisations, independently run stores and everything in between.”

NCGM will be celebrating too. Images of seasonal produce have been snapped around the Market over the last fortnight and we will be sharing those with as many people as possible through daily updates to our social media feeds and through the wider media. We have also written a series of articles to appear in Love British Foods online newsletter The Source, which has more than a million subscribers, highlighting the value of the Market to the British food supply chain and, in particular, to our customer base in London and the South East of England.

To join in, tap into our feeds and share what goes out on them with your own followers – the more the merrier!

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Also follow @LoveBritishFood on both insta and twitter to tune in to what promises to be the biggest and most influential BFF to date.

New Covent Garden Market Squash Varieties
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