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Jenny sees NCGM as "world's kitchen garden"

Jenny sees NCGM as "world's kitchen garden"

Jenny sees NCGM as "world's kitchen garden"

To mark International Women's Day 2022, which will be celebrated on March 8th, we are bringing To mark International Women's Day 2022, which will be celebrated on March 8th, we are bringing you a series of profiles on some of the women who work at New Covent Garden Market. There are more women working each year in what is a traditionally male-dominated Market and we want to show you why and how you could be amongst that growing number. Entrepreneur and nutritionist Jennifer Irvine runs The Pure Package and Balance Box in the Market and tells us why working here is so fulfilling

What is your background?

My love for food started at an early age; I grew up on a self-sufficient farm in West Cork, Ireland. My first entrepreneurial venture saw me collecting eggs from the farm's chickens and selling them to local restaurants at just 8 years old. By the time I was a teenager I had a street trader's license selling goods at markets.

Who do you work for, what's your Job title, and can you pick out some of the interesting parts of your role? 

I am the founder of The Pure Package, and Balance Box- which are bespoke food delivery services. I enjoy being an entrepreneur. I started The Pure Package over 18 years ago because I had a desire to help busy people, including myself, ensure that their nutritional needs were being taken care of effortlessly and to the highest standard. I am fascinated by how food can change a person not only physically, but emotionally, too. I absolutely love hearing about people whose lives have changed as a result of our meal deliveries, people who have felt transformed and have been living greater and more fulfilled lives.

Every time we launch a new menu I get to trial it and that's brilliant! I am only as strong as my team, and I have a wonderful group of nutritionists and chefs who work together to create fantastic meals for our clients. I am the person who got the ball rolling, but they are the consistent heroes.

We now also help to run the Nutrition in Culinary Practice course at Leiths cookery school.

How long have you worked at New Covent Garden Market? 

About 18 years now!

What do you love about working here? 

The best thing about the market is all the fresh produce, it's like being inside the world's kitchen garden! Our company relies on delicious, fresh produce, so to have it on our doorstep is an incredible thing. I also love the people; we have a wonderful group of colourful individuals in the market who make every day interesting. 

What advice would you give to women who might want to come and work at NCGM? 

Prepare to be made very welcome. NCGM is a wonderful community in the heart of London.

What's your favourite pastime outside work? 

I love visiting the world's best restaurants and spas; tasting amazing food, inspiring myself, and treating my body well.

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