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MOMO and Orbit Beers launch alcohol-free hopped kombucha

MOMO and Orbit Beers launch alcohol-free hopped kombucha

30 Nov, 2023

MOMO and Orbit Beers launch alcohol-free hopped kombucha

New Covent Garden Market based MOMO Kombucha has launched another collaborative Hops Kombucha with South London neighbour, Orbit Beers.

A limited edition that will launch in time for festive celebrations and Dry January, the collaboration is back for a third year, by popular demand. This year’s MOMO X Orbit Beers Hops Kombucha is made with Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops that provide tropical fruit and gooseberry flavours, rounded out with a tart kombucha hit for a kombucha is equal parts complex and refreshing. Hops have a complex flavour base, mapping citrus tones and herbal, earthy notes, which make them an excellent match for fully fermented tart kombucha like MOMO’s.

This is a non-alcoholic option that beer drinkers can get truly excited about, said co-Founder of MOMO Kombucha, Josh Puddle: “We’ve admired Orbit’s traditional method of making European beer with a modern twist down the road in South East London for many years. This traditional approach with a flavour focussed modern spin felt like a natural fit for the way we brew.

“This is our third limited edition special, and we are so grateful to have partnered with Orbit. Their beers can regularly be found in our brewery fridge (for when a kombucha can’t quite cut it) and Orbit supply some of our favourite pubs and restaurants in London. Thanks also to our Head Brewer Matt Canham for the creation of this delicious kombucha – it could be our best yet.”

Robert Middleton, Founder of Orbit Beers, added: “We’ve admired MOMO’s traditional method of brewing kombucha for many years and love working with and sharing recipes and ideas with their team. Our first collaborative batch was brewed in January 2021. It was so well received, winning a Great Taste Award, that we decided to brew it for the third time, in time for Dry January 2024. One of the main reasons we fell in love with kombucha (apart from the delicious taste) is the benefits for our gut microbiome.”

The collaborative Hops Kombucha is available from MOMO, Orbit and Selfridges (RRP £4.50 per 330ml glass bottle; 6 pack: £26.50; 12 pack: £45.00). For every bottle sold, MOMO will contribute 10p to Save the Children’s Gaza appeal, supporting children affected by the crisis in the region.


Kombucha, or fermented tea, has been around thousands of years. When properly brewed it is a delicious, slightly fizzy and refreshing soft drink that is low in sugar and naturally contains probiotics and healthy organic acids. Kombucha is made using four simple ingredients: tea, water, sugar and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). During fermentation, the yeasts consume the sugar and produce alcohol, then the bacteria consume this alcohol to produce the acids that give kombucha its tangy flavour. MOMO’s raw and unfiltered kombucha is full of live cultures which support gut health and aid digestion. Kombucha also naturally contains acetic acid, which is great for boosting energy and lowering blood sugar levels; as kombucha is brewed from tea, it’s also full of antioxidants.

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Tommy Leighton
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