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New neighbour Dishoom engages with Market

New neighbour Dishoom engages with Market

3 Dec, 2023

New neighbour Dishoom engages with Market

Dishoom Battersea is opening in The Power Station soon and as they mark the occasion in the local area, look out for the team from the popular Indian restaurant group, who will be giving out complimentary chai in the Market in the New Year.

They are already familiar with New Covent Garden Market, having held a Dishoom MasterChef event at Mission Kitchen in the Food Exchange earlier this year.

Natalie Poole, Local Marketing Manager at Dishoom, says the business is “a place that has always been home to passionate food enthusiasts, whether they are one of our exceptionally skilled chefs, creating culinary masterpieces in our kitchen, attending to our cherished guests on the restaurant floor, or crafting the magic of Dishoom for our patrons at home”.

So the team was given a chance to shine and display their culinary prowess. “We believe that the best way to unite our remarkable team is through the language of food and culinary artistry,” says Natalie. “Our Dishoom MasterChef celebration was an unforgettable feast, a symphony of diverse flavours and cultures, from sizzling pans to delectable desserts.”

The panel of judges included two previous MasterChef winners who assessed each dish based on taste, presentation, creativity, and the overall dining experience.

Tommy Leighton
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