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Geoff Lamb: 1944-2024

Geoff Lamb: 1944-2024

Geoff Lamb: 1944-2024

Geoff Lamb, who for many years ran R Tealing in the Fruit & Vegetable Market, died after a short illness on March 27th, aged 79.

Born in Ilford, in 1944, Geoff was adopted by Bill and Jean Lamb and was very proud of the fact he’d been adopted by the “best parents in the world”. His career started at WH Smith as a trainee accountant, but he left to work for his future wife Anona’s father’s greengrocers in Hornchurch. In his early 20s, he moved to Chapmans at Borough Market as a junior salesman and was a natural. He then worked for Terry Peachey at Tealing’s, in the old Covent Garden, before taking over the business with Keith Hamilton in New Covent Garden, working for nearly four decades with good friends including Susie, Paul, Michael and Jamie.

“I first met Geoff over 37 years ago, when I joined him and Keith at Tealing's,” recalls Susie. “From an average start the business grew into one of the top market wholesalers of fruit and salad, with every delivery counted in and out with Geoff ’s usual flair and flamboyance. He was not always the loudest person on the stand, however put a prime piece of fruit in his hand and whether discussing the merits with an individual or group visiting the market, he and that produce became alive in a way very few people could achieve. By the end of the performance that produce went away with the recipient, even if they had only come in to ask the time!

“Geoff was a generous, kind, and lovely man who will be missed by many. I was honoured to be his friend and I know that is true for many more.”

Tennis was a huge part of Geoff ’s life. He won many club singles and doubles championships at Gidea Park Lawn Tennis Club and through Australian friends, he also became good friends with an even better player than himself, Pat Cash. In 1985, Geoff and Anona’s son, Patrick, was born – named after Pat and two years later, Geoff was in Pat’s supporters’ box at Wimbledon, watching his friend win the Men’s Singles Final and (infamously) climb the stands to the box. Millions saw Geoff on live TV and his picture - alongside Pat and his family - was in all the papers the next day.

In 1995, Geoff and second wife Jeanette’s son, Matthew William, was born and in 1998, their second son, Ashley Ayrton, was born – named after Ayrton Senna, reflecting another of his dad’s passions, Formula One. Geoff leaves family, friends and memories across the world.

His presence was larger than life – when you met Geoff Lamb, you didn’t forget him!

Rest in Peace Geoff.

Tommy Leighton
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