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Three governors positive in new facilities

Three governors positive in new facilities

15 Feb, 2023

Three governors positive in new facilities

Three months after relocating to their new premises in the newly completed building that represents phase 2 of the redevelopment of NCGM, we have been asking traders how the facilities have been treating them so far. Here are the thoughts of Alfie, Nick and John Lay, of Lay’s of Chelsea

The three governors of Lays of Chelsea all have a very positive outlook on what their move has done for them. “We couldn’t be happier,” says Alfie and Nick adds. “Everything is so much cleaner, clinical and lighter. It’s a far more work-effective environment. We are so impressed with the lighting; it’s really important for what we do.

“We had two units before, now it’s more like one and a half, but it feels like we have more space. Things are so much more efficient – it’s easier to get the product in, to prepare and pack it and to get the orders out again and we have more time.

“I suppose it wasn’t the ideal time to move, just after Covid, but there was no way of planning for the pandemic,” Nick added. “I definitely wouldn’t want to do it again – we finished in the old units on the Saturday, moved everything over and started trading in the new place the next day. It was hard work, but we rolled our sleeves up and got on with it.

“My main recommendation to anyone moving after us is get hold of BT very early, to make sure your phone lines and broadband are up and running when you move in. We knew it would be the biggest challenge and we were onto it early, but we only just got it done. Putting a fridge in – that’s no problem!”

“The key to it is simplicity at the end of the day. You’re coming here to work; this isn’t your home,” said John. “The Market is obviously in a transitional stage – it’s chalk and cheese at the moment, but when this place is finished, it’s going to be a real showpiece. I’m looking forward to showing it off!”

Tommy Leighton
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