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Euro Harvest Ltd

Euro Harvest Ltd

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Euro Harvest Ltd

We supply over 200 of the best restaurants in the UK with fresh fruit & vegetables sourced from growers across Europe.
Fruit and Veg Suppliers for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Bars, Schools, Cafes in London.
We began the business by developing relationships with local growers which is something we maintain to this day. We are very proud of these relationships as they are built on trust and honesty. Trust and honesty are the two foundations that we have built our business on.

Our intimate relationships we have with our growers guarantees our produce is picked and packed daily. This means you can have items in your cool room that have come out of the ground or off the tree 48 hours earlier. This means fresher, juicier, more delicious produce that has a longer shelf life. This leads to less wastage which means greater profitability for your business.

Source your fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads from us and we’ll deliver beautifully fresh produce where you want it, when you want it and at a fantastic price.


Unit 221

Distribution Block A

New Covent Garden Market



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