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Lays of Chelsea

Lays of Chelsea

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Lays of Chelsea

Lays Of Chelsea is a family business and always has been since it was established in 1836. The Lays started off in business as street traders and grafted and saved until they had enough to buy a greengrocery shop, which they eventually opened up as Lays of Chelsea.

Over a century later, Lays decided to open up in the Market with a small unit. It was not long before business picked up and they needed more space, where they moved to a bigger unit and enjoyed life as wholesalers in the market. In addition to fulfilling bespoke orders as you would expect from a wholesale fruit and veg supplier, Lays also has a food prep team and can supply freshly-squeezed juices, hand-peeled potatoes, hand-cut chips, peeled onions, and picked spinach, along with other items on request.

With the happiness and laughter that fills the warehouse everyday, it is not only the quality of the fruit and vegetables that makes it a great environment and as long as the laughter remains, Lays will be a fantastic place for everyone who is buying, works there or supplies the business.

You are served with the love and care of all the staff, from the drivers to the accounts department. If you are interested in opening up an account please get in touch using the details on this page.


Unit 207

Distribution Block A

New Covent Garden Market



Other phone
020 7498 8527
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